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FAQs for Parents

Do you have questions about the Mad Science School Program?  We have the answers!

What is Mad Science?
Mad Science is the world’s leading provider of educational science enrichment to elementary school-aged children. Our mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining and exciting activities that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around them.

Is Mad Science expensive?
No! The total cost for the 6 week After School Program is only $74.00 including the HST. Before tax, the cost is only $65.49. The projects that the kids get to take home have a retail value of about $15. After deducting the value of the take home projects, the actual cost of the program is still only about $50.50 for six weeks. This works out to $8.41 per 60 minute session…cheaper than music lessons or most sports programs!

Which grades can register for the program?
Mad Science visits students in Grades 1 to 6 as this is the age group that expresses the most interest in Mad Science. However, if students outside this age range express an interest in the programming, they would be welcome to sign up. (It is helpful if FDK students have an older sibling in the class).

How big are the classes?
We believe in quality over quantity so we limit each class to 25 students. If we have more than 25 paid registrants who wish to participate, we may be able to offer an additional class (with the school’s approval) to fill this need. Subject to enrollment, the children will be grouped by similar grades.

Payment Types and NSF Cheques?
Our office accepts cash, cheques, money orders, electronic money transfer, Visa and Mastercard. Failure to pay tuition and/or administration fees will result in a child being withdrawn from the program. Please note that NSF or STOP PAYMENT cheques will result in a $35 administration fee. If repayment is made in the Mad Science office within 7 days, the administration fee will be reduced to $10.

Can I return my child's registration form to the school?
Sorry, but no. Mad Science is a program separate from the school. We work cooperatively with school staff to make the program as easy as possible for them, so we don't ask them to collect registration forms. Having said that, we understand that in this policy is new to London Mad Science parents. We will work closely with the schools to ensure all registration forms find their way to our office while this policy is in transition.  
Can I register my child after the deadline?
If you have missed the registration deadline, please call our office to verify that there are still spaces available before mailing in your registration form. A $5 late registration fee will apply to registrations that are accepted after class lists have already been generated.
Registration and Waiting Lists
Registration forms are accepted on a “first-come, first served” mail in, online or drop off basis. Please do not return the registration form to your child’s school. Incomplete registration forms will not be processed.
What if my child has another commitment on Mad Science nights?
We offer several new programs in our “Mad Lab” at 4026 Meadowbrook Drive for students who cannot attend the School Program at their school. Join us for Friday Night Funshops, P.A. Day and holiday camps and other events during the school year! Contact the Mad Science office for more information.
What does my child get out of it?
Mad Science programs get children excited about science so that they go back to their parents and teachers wanting to learn more. Some parents have even told us that their children’s science grades have gone up after taking our School Program. A 2006 educational study found that participation in Mad Science® led to a significant increase in students’ knowledge of science content and concepts.

How will you confirm each student’s registration?
Your cancelled cheque or credit card charge is immediate confirmation that your child is enrolled in the program! We do not process payments until we have enough students to hold a class. We will contact you should any program be cancelled. If you have any concerns regarding the program, please do not hesitate to contact us at (519) 472 - 8002.
The Mad Science After-School program starts 10 minutes after school dismissal. Who will supervise my child during this time?

Mad Science Instructors begin supervising each class at the school’s dismissal time. On the 1st week, children may meet in the gym or library and our Instructors will escort the kids to the Mad Science classrooms. On subsequent weeks, our Instructors will meet the children at these same classrooms. To further facilitate the transition to Mad Science each week we ask the school to make a PA announcement and every teacher will have a list of the children enrolled in the Mad Science® After School Program.


How will the children be dismissed after each class?
For our Lunch-time programs, your child will be dismissed back to their normal classroom. For After School programs, your child will be dismissed from each class according to what you have indicated on the registration form. Should this information change, we ask that you notify us in writing. Walkers will be dismissed at the end of each class. A Mad Scientist will accompany students who attend after-school day care (if provided at the school) to the appropriate room. For reasons of child safety, parents who will be picking up their children are asked to do so at the Mad Science classrooms.

What if my child misses a session?
Please report your child’s absence to the Mad Science office by providing your child’s full name, grade and school. Each class has an independent topic and the classes do not have to be taken in any particular order. If a child is absent one week, it does not affect the child’s participation in other classes. Unfortunately, due to scheduling differences and class size limits, missed classes cannot be made up. If you know in advance that your child will need to miss a specific date, please let us know prior to registration and the tuition fee will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that your child will not receive the take home project for the class missed when tuition is discounted in this manner. Once we have started the course, Mad Science has invested in the required course materials and personnel and we are unable to offer a refund for these missed sessions.

Who is responsible for my child’s attendance?
Parents are responsible for their child’s attendance at our program. We work with school staff and parents to facilitate the safe transition of students to and from our program. We will attempt to contact the school office in the event of an unexplained student absence. Please make sure that the contact person on your child's form can be reaching during the School Program time.

What if buses are canceled or delayed?
If buses are delayed, but not canceled, Mad Science Lunch Programs will run as scheduled if possible and After School Programs will run as scheduled. If buses are delayed to such a degree that the Lunch Program can not run, we will do our best to schedule a make-up date with your child's school.
If buses are canceled, Mad Science will be rescheduled.

Please Note: We will do our best to reschedule any canceled programs on the same day of the week and time. However, where there are conflicting school events or a large number of bus cancellations in a session, this may not be possible.
Can I ask for a late pickup from the After School Program?
Parents must pick up their children promptly after class. Mad Science is not a “latchkey” style program. Our Instructors may have other commitments and they cannot always stay and wait for you if you are running late. Should a child remain unattended after class, the Instructor will contact the local police if a child remains 30 minutes after the end of the class and a reasonable solution has not yet been reached. The child will remain in the care of a Mad Science Instructor until the parent or someone designated by the parent is able to pick up the child.

What if I have an emergency?
Parents who know that they will be late picking up their child are asked to call our office so that the message may be relayed to the appropriate Instructor. After the second occurrence of picking up a child more than 15 minutes after the Mad Science class dismissal time and keeping an Instructor waiting, your child may be withdrawn from our program until such time that you are able to make arrangements to pick up or have your child picked up on time. A pro rated refund, less a $10 handling fee, will be returned to you.

What if my child has medical or other concerns?
We are very accommodating regarding children with medical or learning challenges. Please let us know on the registration form. Attach a separate sheet of paper if required. If your child uses an EpiPen or asthma rescue inhaler, please advise us where it is stored in the event of an emergency. Kindly note that during Mad Science, the school office may be locked. With the permission of the school, you may want to permit your child to carry prescribed emergency medical equipment in his/her backpack on Mad Science days.

Do you ever cancel classes due to low enrolment?
Rarely, but Mad Science does reserve the right to cancel a program due to insufficient registration. Should we have to do so, we will strive to provide parents with as much notice as possible.
Once underway, Mad Science classes will only be cancelled in the event of a school closure or bus cancellation. These classes will be made up at the end of the program. Notices will be sent home with the students the following week to verify these make-up classes.
What about Parent-Teacher Interview nights, PD days and holidays?
Classes missed due to Parent-Teacher Interviews, PD days, holidays or school closures will be added to the end of the affected course as an extra class. Such make up classes will take place on the same day and the same time and in the same room that the regular class was scheduled.

Is it an exciting, yet controlled, atmosphere?
Yes! Mad Science strives at all times to provide fun science activities to all children. In an effort to fulfill this commitment, we ask that all children enrolled follow basic and clear behavioral guidelines as to appropriate conduct, which our Instructors cover at the beginning of every class. We realize that the hands-on, high-energy nature of our program excites and motivates children. Our programs are specifically designed to harness and direct that excitement.

We ask for your cooperation, should any parent be notified of discipline problems. If necessary, Mad Science may ask that a child be removed from his or her Mad Science class. Please know that it is our intention to provide children with, not deprive them of, exciting and fun science. It is only when a child interrupts or interferes with this positive learning atmosphere that we would take any such action. In such a case, a pro rated refund, less a $10 handling fee, will be happily awarded.

Do you have a guarantee?
Yes! Our guarantee is simple. You will be satisfied with Mad Science or we will make it right. We are confident in, and put our reputation behind, the quality of our programs and Instructors. If your child attends the first session of the course and does not wish to continue, you will be given a full refund. However, if after the 2nd class, you choose to remove your child for any reason, a pro rated refund will be given, less a cancellation fee of $10.00. No refunds are available after the 3rd class.

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