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The Experience

Looking to spark imaginative learning at school?

We spark imaginative learning After-School or at Lunch-time! Check out this year's topics below!

School Science Club Program Streams for 2016- 2017

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Please note: Your school will receive only one of these streams. If you school is running a 4-week Express program, not all topics will be covered.


                            Sense Suspense!                                               Mystery, Might, and Flight


Harnessing Heat
Students learn about the concepts of heat and heat transfer. Find out about hot and cool molecules, thermal paper, thermometers, and temperature tests!


Lights, Colour, Action!
Enter a world of light and colour! Students will complete exciting experiments on white light, colour wheel blending, prism splitting, and the difference between white light, coloured light, and ultraviolet light! 


Magnetic Magic
Be mesmerised by marvelous magnetic magic! Students will learn the science behind magnetic magic and magnetism mysteries. Learn about Earth's magnetic force and the attracting and repelling forces of magnets.

Optical Illusions
Discover the physics of optical illusions. Students will learn how our eyes can trick our brain using mirror mirage, twisting coils, and convex and concave mirrors! 

Get Connected! 

Take on telecommunications in this workshop!  Try out you hand at making a telephone network, and explore radio signals, cell towers, and so much more!  


Sonic Sound
Music and all sorts of merry sound engage students in sound experiments and live demonstrations showing the properties and transmissions of sound waves. 

Children discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science. Learn about the difference between physical and chemical changes. Students learn the importance of lab safety and get hands on with some amazing reactions.


Current Events 
Get charged up about the science of current electricity! Students will learn about currents, circuits, insulators, and conductors. Learn about electrons and how a fuse works. 

Fun-damental Forces
Find out what makes the world go around in an entertaining introduction to the basic concepts of forces. Investigate inertia, gravity, mass, and centripetal force. 

Science of Magic 
Is it science or is it magic? Students will learn about the scientific concepts that help people perform magic tricks. Learn about optics, optical illusions, chemistry, and illusions.

Super Structures 
Learn about architecture and engineering. Students will discover structures, the forces behind them, and shapes and materials that strengthen them. 

Fantastic Flyers
Learn all about flight and aerodynamics. Discover the four forces that affect flight, and fold your own planes. Students will also learn about the control surfaces that help change an aircraft's direction. 

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